Bodyweight vs cardio equipment

Why do repetitive movements when you can diversify and achieve your fitness goals?

Bodyweight workouts are an easy and convenient way to achieve your fitness goals, regardless of where you are in your fitness journey.

Not only is this type of training incredibly versatile, but it also targets all muscle groups, which contributes to strength gains and cardio fitness.

On the other hand, traditional cardio equipment such as treadmills, stationary bikes, or rowers only target a few muscle groups at a time and don’t contribute to strength gains.

Why opt for bodyweight workouts?

The short answer? Variety.

These workouts involve multiple movement planes, targeting more areas and preventing overuse injuries common with traditional cardio equipment. Remember, when you use a treadmill or elliptical, your body performs repetitive movements in the same planes of motion.

What’s more, we often overuse the equipment to gain quicker results, fatiguing only the muscles, joints, and tendons that are in a continuous movement loop instead of diversifying and spreading the exercise to different parts of the body. This is where bodyweight workouts may augment cardio equipment workouts and help you not only prevent injury but also get better at the single modality workouts.

But what if you’re an avid runner or cyclist?

Fear not. Fitillion workouts are functional and contribute to performance in other athletic spheres while preventing injury. So, the more you train over time, the more our workouts contribute to even greater fitness levels.

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