Reach your Fitness Goal with Fitillion

Woman exercising at home with Fitillion fitness app

3 Long-term fitness goals that’ll change your life

Fitillion is all about options. We know that everyone is different, which is why we give you the freedom of choice when it comes to exercise. Our dedicated sports science team uses industry-standard and evidence-based philosophies that are practical for real-world fitness.

Our three long-term fitness goals include:

  • Lean and Fit: Burn workouts
  • Muscle and Strength: Build workouts
  • All-Rounder: Both Burn and Build workouts

Get Lean and Fit

Want to lose unwanted weight? Then our Lean & Fit goal is the way to go. This goal includes fast-paced workouts that are based on cardio training, boosting your fitness and endurance levels.

Gain more Muscle and Strength

Our Muscle and Strength goal includes moderately paced workouts based on resistance training to help you build lean mass and gain overall strength.

All Rounder

Our All-Rounder goal is a perfect balance between Burn Workouts and Build Workouts, so you can lose unwanted fat while maintaining and increasing strength.

Be the best version of yourself

Most Fitillion exercises are functional and translate to real-world fitness.

Our exercises generally involve:

  • Multi-joint compound exercises
  • Movement in multiple planes, executed at variable speeds over several time domains

We also use traditional strength and muscle-building methods that improve joint robustness and reduce the risk of injury. Our Smart PT allocates the correct amount and ratios of these formats to ensure you achieve the right metabolic stimulus based on your fitness goal.

Whatever your fitness goal, we’ll support you every step of the way with scientifically proven and tailored workouts. Get started today!