Learn how Fitillion wellness solutions can address many of your workforce challenges.

Improve recruitment and retention

Complimentary bragging rights are included with your on-site Fitillion boutique gym

Increase Engagement & Productivity

Research shows that employees who exercise regularly are more productive, engaged and satisfied

Create a comprehensive culture of wellness

Each employee receives personalised group workouts, meal plans and progress tracking reports  

Improve your ESG score

Fitillion provides quantifiable body-metric transformation data (anonymised) to put the ‘S’ back into your ESG score 

Promote diversity & inclusion

Fitillion’s personalised group fitness approach makes the gym a less intimidating and more inclusive place

Drive the great return to the office

Create water cooler moments with the ultimate on-site fitness studio  


Fitillion provides the full boutique gym experience at a fraction of the cost 

Reduce Absenteeism

Choose pre-hab over re-hab with Fitillion’s personalised and  patented sports science  

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