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Fitillion is a fitness-tech company with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Our passionate teams of sports scientists, software developers, engineers and athletes have created a cutting-edge range of gym and fitness products.

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We love group fitness

but we don’t believe in cookie-cutter workouts with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Instead, we focus on what we call Personalised Group Fitness and enable members to perform functional training workouts, that are completely customised for each member, within motivating group fitness classes.

15,000 Exercises

A ‘Fitillion’ is a very large number, and it represents our vast library of over 15,000 exercises which we have designed to service the varying fitness goals and skill levels of our members. In addition to the workouts we also provide customised meal plans and progress tracking.

We have 3 different products, all focusing on personalised group fitness:

All products utilise our patented technology to provide interactive functional training workouts and group fitness customised for each member.

Fitillion Studio Gyms

Our brick & mortar functional training gyms, operating under a boutique franchise model.

Fitillion Home Lite

Our at-home fitness app focusing on body weight workouts, no gym equipment required.

Fitillion Home Elite

Our functional fitness smart home gym equipment.

Our vision

is to be the leader in hybrid fitness by enabling people to achieve their individual fitness goals within motivating team-training communities, using our interactive home and studio gyms.

Contact Us

[email protected]

49-51 York Street L2 Se 2, Sydney NSW 2000

+61 2 7257 3337