Get fit and reach your fitness goals anywhere, anytime

Whether you work from home or in an office, your busy life can override your fitness and health goals. If this is you or you struggle with time to get to the gym, bodyweight workouts could become a great tool in your fitness and health arsenal.

However, if you think the only way to reach your fitness goals is with a personal trainer or gym equipment, think again. Did you know you can get your dream bod at home?

Wait, what sorcery is this?

No sorcery, no magic, and no catch, all you need is your own body weight.

If you work from an office, you only need a few minutes every evening to exercise, or if you work from home, you can schedule exercise into your break times. The best part? No time is wasted travelling to and from the gym.

What are bodyweight exercises?

According to Fitday, these exercises involve using your own body weight for resistance. Think pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, lunches, and the like.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Because you’re using your body, the possibilities and variations are endless. You can increase and decrease the intensity, duration, and water breaks when needed. Bonus, there’s no judgement or falling behind; you are your own stopwatch.

Still on the fence? Here are five reasons why bodyweight exercises are so effective.

5 Benefits of bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight movements are easily scalable and effective regardless of where you are in your fitness journey. In fact, it’s often the simplest movements that are the most effective, like the classic squat or push-up!

Increased heart rate, resistance, and gravity are the best ingredients for a fitness secret recipe, and bodyweight exercises include all three. However, there’s a catch to the strength and cardiovascular components. To achieve a high heart rate, you need to move at a faster pace, and to build muscle, you need to move at a slower pace to increase the time under tension. 

Fortunately, practice makes perfect, and it’ll get easier the more you do it!

With fitness apps like Fitillion, your workouts are created from a massive library of bodyweight exercises. What’s more, our exercise collection grows daily, which means you aren’t limited to push-ups or squats, and you’ll never “run” out of options or variations.

No equipment or travel means no time wasted when reaching your goals. We understand that life gets relentlessly busy, but we also don’t want your health and fitness to become a product of the hustle. That is why we designed the Fitillion app and workouts to be as time-friendly as possible, with workouts ranging from 17 to 42 minutes.

Equipment and the presence of other people are the only differences between exercising at home and the gym. Other than that, a well-designed bodyweight workout is just as effective.

Mastering bodyweight strength and movement is the biggest step in developing an injury-resistant physique. It’s very low risk, highly functional, and fully scalable to fit into your work-life-fitness balance.

Your fitness journey shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. Fitillion makes sure that you get the right workout everyday based on your fitness goals, without you even having to think about it. With our extensive library of bodyweight exercises you’ll also never get bored.

So, let your fitness flag fly with customised bodyweight workouts at your fingertips – wherever, whenever.