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Interval training with Fitillion

Interval training with Fitillion

What is interval training?

Interval training involves balancing work and rest periods. This work-to-rest ratio defines how long you perform each exercise versus how long you rest between exercises.

However, if there’s an imbalance between the two, the outcome looks something like this:

  • Train too long, rest too little = Insufficient recovery time to execute the following set optimally, often resulting in a compromised technique
  • Train too little, rest too long = Insufficient workout challenge to drive muscle and fitness adaptation

3 Fitness goals 

Our sports science team have developed multiple work-to-rest ratios on the Fitillion app to align specific adaptations with your fitness goal.

These include:

  • Muscle and Strength

Our Muscle and Strength program makes use of Build Workouts. The goal of these workouts is to achieve voluntary fatigue within the exercise and this maximises muscle fibre breakdown of targeted muscle groups. During these workouts, short rest times cause partial recovery, leading to overload. However, the rest is just long enough to allow solid form across exercises. Your muscles will then rebuild both bigger and stronger. 

  • Lean and Fit

Designed for weight loss, fitness and functional strength, our Lean and Fit goal makes use of Burn workouts. These workouts involve repeated bursts of anaerobic-type exercises. In other words, they are repeated, large, and multi-joint explosive movements that target specific muscle groups. The set duration, coupled with shortened resting times, encourages the use of the ATP-PC (very short, explosive movements) and anaerobic glycolytic energy systems.

The combination of workout duration and high heart rate spikes promotes anaerobic and aerobic (oxidative system) stimulation and distribution throughout the body, resulting in cardio fitness gains.

  • All-Rounder

Our All Rounder goal alternates between strength and muscle building Build workouts and our fitness and calorie intensive Burn workouts making it the perfect best-of-both-worlds ratio.